Change the config ID as follows: Make sure the contents are correct and the tablet is on burnable mode, then click W rite to burn DMI information into ROM including f ollowing items: It is only used to add the localization code on CTO system. For the platforms from to When displaying the Feature Byte data in f10 Setup in 4 bytes at a time, separated by a space. Do not store any other files on these drives. There is a special phone number for support of this product it is Elite Support at So the bottom line in this is plan ahead, read the case thoroughly as soon as you receive it so you understand how to properly plan.


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Windows Installation Process. The utility needs to validate the entire PCID string need to be sum to 0. Boot from the USB drive by pressing F9 5. If fails, the utility will return non -zero value of exit code 6 – write UUID fails If successful, the utility returns exit code 0.

Type “P” to set the motherboard. GHO file that you saved to your desktop. The system will reboot a few times, and display the config state at final.


NbDmiFit & WNDMIFIT Collection | Forum Teknisi Laptop Indonesia

For platforms do not support Fusion Option to set the wallpaper used in the OS. O nly 10 digits can be wrote in. It is important to update the BIOS version to the latest version.


This Wndmifit drive has to be formatted with WinPE 4. This item is displayed from platforms with 1C10 image and beyond. To launch the nbdmifit utility, type ‘nbdmifit’ at the wnd,ifit.exe prompt and press Enter. If this step runs smoothly without returning any errors afterwards, it means the board was set correctly and you DO NOT have to run Brand 11 or Brand Learn more about cookies in our privacy policy.

NbDmiFit & WNDMIFIT Collection

If the version currently installed and the version on the HP Support website are the same, no further action is required. Remove PCID debug string.

Do not use more than 4 GB. For systems made afterthe DMI information can only be set one time using the wndmifit tools. Release your fingers when seeing the HP logo on the screen.


Oct 18, Locking the MPM will block further changes to the data. Attach the USB hard disk to the system.

This includes all product names, numbers and other codes. This item will not be displayed wndmifih.exe 3C09 new platforms. AC02 ; for non-vpro machine type: For platforms support Fusion This option sets the Feature Byte which defines a s et of options that describe the systems software and hardware of a SKU.


Insert a USB memory stick make sure it does not contain required data as it will be cleared and run Rufus. Create a wnxmifit.exe USB memory stick. Right click on any of the files, point to Send To and click on the icon for the memory stick in my case this was drive G.

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Obtain DOS bootable media. Your PC should wbdmifit.exe detect the CD and you will get a message saying. Fix PCID wallpaper can’t be set 0x19 1. For example, Cujo 1. If you change the system board, the new board should contain an test pre- loaded copy of the Windows 8 OS you will be required to reimage the unit.

This method listed below seems to work every time.


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