Identify the vShield Manager backup created earlier and do a restore by clicking Restore. Enter a text string in Filename Prefix. Upgrade vCenter Server to the required version. Click an Edge and click Upgrade from Actions to start the upgrade. Because of this they have been sweetening the deal for their customers with a couple of handy plug-ins since the release of version 5. Click Update next to vShield Endpoint. Click Install to begin the upgrade process.

vshield manager 5.0.2

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Download the vShield manager ova from VMware website here. Mai by vPierre. These are the minimum required versions of VMware products. Upgrading to vCloud Networking and Security 5. Downloading and enabling vShield Endpoint on supported vSphere platforms.

Log in to the CLI of the vShield Manager, switch to enable mode, and run the CLI command show filesystems to ensure there is enough free space for the upgrade. The vShield Manager is installed as a virtual machine in your inventory. From the VMware Download Centerdownload the 5. You then need to enter the enable command and use the default password again.


To upgrade vShield Endpoint from version 4. All existing vShield Edge instances are shown in the listings page. After the reboot, log back in to the vShield Manager and click the Updates tab.

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Upgrading vShield Manager x – A Leap of Faith Upgrade – VIRTUALIZATION IS LIFE!

What to do next Upgrade the other vShield components managed by vShield Manager. Create a post-upgrade backup. XvShieldvshield app. If you deactivated DRS in vshieeld 1, re-activate it. If upgrading to vCloud Networking and Security 5.

VMware vShield Endpoint

The name of the upgrade bundle file is: Please ask IT administration questions in the forums. A minimum of 2.

vshield manager 5.0.2

Upgrade each host to the required ESXi version. Create a snapshot of the vShield Manager. Click View Backups to ensure the backup was created.

vshield manager 5.0.2

If you upgraded from a fresh install of vShield Manager 5. Paolo Maffezzoli posted an update 1 day, 16 hours ago. If there is a discrepancy between the guide and this article, assume that the guide is correct. Ping the default gateway to verify network connectivity. If you are using vShield Manager 4.


Connection to the vShield Manager user interface using one of these supported web browsers: The upgrade process reboots vShield Manager, so vzhield might lose connectivity to the vShield Manager user interface. Review the information of Name, Folder, Network and finish to vvshield the deployment.

Click an Edge and click Upgrade from Actions to start the upgrade. This virtual hardware upgrade is not automatically performed as part of the vShield upgrade process for vShield Managers running versions 5. Vshielld the manager login prompt appears, log in to the CLI by using the user name admin and the password default.