Added options to restrict agent lead search to the owner field equal to the user, user group or selected territories for the agent. Presets can optionally have their numbers hidden from agents allowing agents only to select a preset name to transfer or conference a call to. Added Daily Max Stats used for measuring the total calls for the day for in-groups and campaigns as well as the maximum number of concurrent calls handled by each at any time during the day. Here is a list of the changes since 2. Also, added Calltime Block feature which will remove DIAL links from callback list if the lead is outside of the campaign selected call time. Feature must be enabled in the Campaign Detail settings. Added the ability to have call times go beyond midnight for inbound calls.

vicidial 2.4

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This logs calls that come into DIDs in a separate table that includes the in-group and user that the call was sent to, if applicable Added ability to disable the Disposition screen on the agent interface. This feature can be enabled cicidial campaign and per user. Added Secondary List Order which allows for further sorting of leads to be dialed by a secondary sorting method Viewable in preview mode as well as lead info viewing from the callbacks list, the call log and search results in the agent interface.

Added Outbound Campaign Test Call feature to allow you to place a call from the Campaign Detail screen that will go out as if it were an auto-dial call.

Usually a rare problem on systems with networking issues.


vicidial 2.4

Added Available Only Tally Threshold campaign option which allows you to set the number of agents below which Available Only Tally will be temporarily enabled The reason for the change is that browser alerts are blocking and will halt executiong of javascript on the agent workstation.

Here is a list of the new contexts that are now below the vicidial-auto context: Also added an option to 24. the agent when leaving those funtions.

Added new agent interface alert where manual dial calls will not be allowed if the disposition process has not completed. There is a more limited set of variables available for use with this option, see the admin.

Added ability to drop or after-hours to a call menu in in-groups. Added Phone Login Load Balancing Grouping campaign settings to allow smaller campaigns to have their agents on the same server to allow for more efficient dialing on outbound campaigns. Added third generation web-based lead loader capable of loading more data file types and optionally vjcidial all of them with custom list fields.

Added Manual Dial Prefix to allow for a different dial path for manual dial calls placed through the agent interface.

Added 9 new User permissions to allow access to specific Admin sections like Vociemail Music-on-hold and 7 others individually. If the number ficidial agents falls below the number that you have set, then the dial level will go to 1.

If the User Group also has Call Log enabled, the agent can also see the call notes from previous calls. Added Lead Loading File Templates Also added default voicemail zone and timezone settings in the system settings.

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Added HTML bar chart display options to most of the reports. Added ability to block customer information and hide portions of customer vicidiap numbers within the admin interface on a per admin-user basis. Allows for each campaign to use a different set of labels for the fields on the default agent screen.


We are nearing 2. Optionally, the lead can also be reset so that it can be dialed back immediately.

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Add the following vixidial to the extensions. You must install the following perl modules on your web server for this new lead loader to work: Added recording of Remote Agents calls per recording settings in campaigns. Added the ViciDial Web Dial Firefox web browser plugin, that allows right- click selection dialing of phone numbers on web pages to a logged-in ViciDial Agent session.

Added option to Lists to allow you to choose in the List Modification screen the method of time zone adjustment that happens nightly on a per list basis. Able to be disabled per user.

vicidial 2.4

If you have any custom voicemail boxes that are NOT defined in ViciDial then you need to put them in a custom context above the [default] context in voicemail. Added vicidiial to allow user information to be blocked form the real-time report by user login the user viewing the report There is also an option in the time zone updating script to use this method. Changed voicemail auto-config to use voicemail.