Some of these biometric information are. No separate power supply is required to run the Iris capturing device connected with the computer. If the enrollee is wearing a turban, Enroller has to adjust the position to get the full coverage of his face. Resident was upset and called the contact centre. Is he allowed to do this? September 26, at 6:

uidai sifyitest challan

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As an administrator, you have been asked to integrate the pre-enrolment data file with the Aadhaar Enrolment Client application. Since laptops and desktops have limited USB ports they often need the support of which device to get connected to other devices.

uidai sifyitest challan

But he does not want to link any of his accounts to Aadhaar. The Enrolment Operator enters the verified demographic resident data into the Enrolment software from the Enrolment Form.

What is the significance of Red colour indicator next to the screen-names at the top bar of the screen? State True or False — If any biometric exceptions have been specified in the Demographic screen, then it is required to capture them as photographs on the Photograph screen.

uidai sifyitest challan

Biometric devices used to capture biometric sifyittest of the Residents for Aadhaar enrolment are. What should the operator do? World Heart Day The hand of a person with a missing finger should be photographed with the palm facing the camera. This is done using. You are an Enrolment Operator. The hardware devices required for the resident enrollment process is classified into:. The name servers are ns1. The mail server is mailgw. During Iris scanning clear Spectacles and clear Contact Lenses rarely affect the sifuitest of image capture.


Leave a comment Click here to cancel reply. At the Enrolment Centre, who provides the necessary support for handling technical issues. Candidate should fill in complete details with accuracy and generate a Registration Number and Password for themselves.

Siftitest section shows a quick analyis of the given host name or ip number.

UIDAI Aadhaar Exam Questions/ Answer for Supervisor/ Operator

What is the significance of Green colour indicator next to the screen-names at the top bar of the screen? Sarita was offended and screamed that the operator was getting friendly, and touching without having any permissions. Which of the following documents may be used for verifying the identity of a person?

Should an operator demonstrate the way to place the fingers on the platen to enrollee. How will the Registrar and Enrollment Agency reach remote areas where adeqaute facilities are not available? The lines that you see along each of your fingers, which are caused by raised areas of the skin can leave their impressions on certain types of surfaces. Windows updates are performed automatically by connecting to internet and selecting live windows update.


Uidai sifyitest challan report

Shamu the operator had an habit of ujdai his eyes every time any task was complete or done well. Aadhaar Certification Exam Structure has been revised.

Some of these biometric information are. The fingers of the Resident are always placed on the areas indicated on the platen of the Fingerprint Scanner.

UIDAI 2019 Aadhaar Exam Questions/ Answer for Supervisor/ Operator

You want to set up an enrolment centre. Rajan works at an Enrolment Centre. It is mandatory to create a separate Windows User Account for each user who is supposed to use the Enrolment Client. After logging into the Aadhaar Enrolment Client, if the operator see a red cross on the icon for the iris scanner, what would he conclude?