Well, I’ve done it again – it seems I never learn. I must mention I have disabled C1E and SpeedStep in program settings yesterday but turned them back on later. No only ‘K’ or ‘X’ models can be overclocked a ‘Z’ or ‘X’ motherboard would also be needed. You have mentioned ThrottleStop makes changes when it first starts up? Uncle,give us mirror link,please.

throttlestop 3.40

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I also discovered that disabling Turbo Boost throftlestop undervolt if you disable it also help if you are browsing internet. Is this on the dell g7 with the H?

ThrottleStop – Performance Adjustment Tool for Core 2 / Core i CPUs – Page 5

Submit a new text post. I must mention I have disabled C1E and SpeedStep in program settings yesterday but turned them back on later. But throttlestol seems that I cannot pass over My power settings are set to best performance, while plugged in.

Managing Power Throttling on Windows 10 In this guide, we’ll show you the steps to monitor and stop Windows 10 from power throttling one or all applications. I’d like to know your experiences tweaking your G7s. Question CPU throttling, Temps are fine? Be respectful and civil.


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All other settings are on default. All active cores in any Core i CPU are locked to the thgottlestop same multiplier. Uncle,give us mirror link,please.

throttlestop 3.40

Aug 10, 19 0 4, 1. This CPU is amazingly powerful but in fact I believe no air cooled 1-incher laptop is able to deal with its turbo max mode for long time without throttling. Originally Posted by TheKnight. Which makes Acer look even dumber letting this design throgtlestop out the door TBH No offensive, 3.04, or low-effort comments. With use more and more of the transistors will die, part of them left ‘On’ all the time, which increases overall resistance yet decreases the number of operations the chip can handle.

The ThrottleStop Guide

If I do the same thing while unplugged, power settings are set to best performance, ThrottleStop does not seem to have any affect it’s throttling as expected. Any idea in it? Not sure why manufacturers continue to release such half baked products. It is not on green tray icon. After the latest bios update on 8th October, the thermals are shite AF. Originally posted by Lt. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies.


Much like overhead in overly large organizations, really. This is my PSU If it froze, it means you undervolted too much.

throttlestop 3.40

A sensor, likely on your motherboard, has gone bad and it is sending a signal to your CPU which forces it to run as slow as possible because the CPU believes that it is too hot. At what voltage should I start and when should I stop? Be careful with this feature.

throttlestop 3.40

Those values are the maximum.