Stay tuned for more! The downloaded files belong to you, without any usage limit. Lena Maksimova — Brave 2. But in this context, after the studied introspection of Flinck, the first time the shouty metal bit kicks in before the chorus here… well, it really works. Filipa Sousa — Vida minha.

thorsten flinck jag reser mig igen

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Thorsten Flinck on TIDAL

Lisa is singing well enough, as you might expect. The Ups — Kiss 5. Polina Smolova — Michael Sweden, thorwten Melodifestivalen Riff Action Family — Sky Dress Rehearsal Live Blog! Facebook Twitter About Links Contact.

Lucian Oros — The best a man can get 6. Danny is talking about his diet he apparently had manboobsand someone else is comparing Danny with the Titanic, and Loreen with an iceberg.

Although I do like the MF entry! The official webstream of the final cut out just as the results were being announced — typical!


thorsten flinck jag reser mig igen

A quiet first night, then…. Thorsten Flinck – Jag reser mig igen med Revolutionsorkestern. It is, after all, ten years since the first MF in the current format. Lisa comes across well. Latest Posts Eurovision You may also like Pedro Macedo — Outono em forma de gente 3. Farinelli Balls — Breath away But in a ,ig way. Even diddy little David Lindgren who has a lot of signs in the audience, actually.

Loreen — Euphoria 7.

Thorsten Flinck Jag reser mig igen on Make a GIF

Felix captured some visual impressions, which you can see below. Do you write songs rezer want to take part in a Europe-wide competition with other amateur songwriters? Buranovskiye Babushki — Party for everybody A quiet first night, then… All in all, what can we say? The winner will be determined by a mixture of televoting and jury votes.

thorsten flinck jag reser mig igen

Welsh Junior Eurovision songs do not fuck about. We are here to blog here and chat in the chat from the dress rehearsal of Melodifestivalen — directly from Globen! Meanwhile, Lisa Miskovsky is Jag reser mig igen med Revolutionsorkestern Thorsten Flinck.


Jag reser mig igen (med Revolutionsorkestern)

My Songs Deluxe Sting. How will the second Andra Chansen qualifiers fare?

David Lindgren is very short. Of course, the bookies think we have a dead-cert winner — but stranger things have happened before… Looking forward to the first full dress rehearsal on Friday night, when things might start to make more sense!

thorsten flinck jag reser mig igen

Christ, could there be more of a contrast, from Loreen to this?