Conduit by King Goat. And the costumes of the band correspond with this: All lyrics are in English. Stunning, hypnotic black metal. I’m not a fan of intro tracks, especially when they try to be as misleading as this one. In Elizabeth Dane we get the most creepy of all songs:

the vision bleak the deathship has a new captain

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The songs are really heavy and addicting.


I’m unsure if it’s intentional, but the rather upbeat quasi-pop verses sound a lot like Boris Pickett’s Monster Mash to me. The duo’s theatrical and dark orchestral Metal knows no boundaries when it comes to opulence: Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 10, I recommend this album to all fans of atmospheric metal music or even more simple: Bandcamp Album of the Day Feb 14, The Lone Night Rider Horror Of Antarctica The two captains of the band lead us to new shores and undiscovered territories.

The first song on the album is A Shadow Arose. Their debut, The Deathship Has a New Captain, opens with “A Shadow Arose”; a nice lbeak narration and some operatic female vocals to establish a cheesy introduction.

the vision bleak the deathship has a new captain

The two heads of this band really do everything to create associations to their world of horror. In his very understandable way of singing he sings of the signs of the approaching horror, the living dead.


Purchasable with gift card. The first song, Night of the Living Dead, then kicks in, with a downtuned well, technically they use seven stringed guitars power chord driven riff that you will eventually recognise as The Vision Bleak’s capfain weapon.

There are a couple of guitar solos, but they’re not very good. And I like those, especially in English. The Vision Bleak are symphonic, doom and gothic but do not forget to stay heavy and have some death and thrash elements in some of their songs. After you’ve heard Night of the Living Dead, you’ve heard most of what this album has to offer. The juxtaposition between these verses and the heavy, downtuned chorus is something I find very comical, and this track probably best sums up the majority of the album.

With eerie deathhship tunes accompanying theses songs they do not fail to impress on every level. This song is of a different style than the previous one. Sometimes just an omniscient observer of the stories in the songs, at other times a malignant spirit who enjoys the horror sung about.

The Vision Bleak – The Deathship Has a New Captain – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

It’s a great song for your Halloween costume party, you can mosh it up while you chug all the spiked punch. The painstaking details do not go unnoticed.

Wolfmoon is similar in structure to Night of the Living Dead. The by far and away best track on this album, which by coincidence perhaps, is the one being used to market the album – ‘The Deathship Symphony’. This is one of the best and most original debut albums that I have ever listened to. The first track builds up with a haunting piano solo and some captivatingly ghostly female vocals which really sets the feeling of the album before the rest of the instruments kick in with some menacing background male vocals.


the vision bleak the deathship has a new captain

Each of their albums is brazen, loud and heavy, with more crunch to the guitars than most other metal bands in any genre. The songs do not only work in the context of the entire album but also as single pieces of art.

The creative duo of Allen B. The album has a cool vibe to it that’s not common in metal music, but it’s just too similar for most people to listen to in a full sitting.

The Vision Bleak continues to surprise and entertain throughout the entire album. The Vision Bleak is a band of two experienced musicians.