Now, Rephlex has been dancing on the fringe of electronic comprehension for awhile now, having done ten years ago most of what everyone else is currently trying to pass off as “new” and “sexy. There’s a new genre here–“lushbient”–and this record is the standard which others will have to equal. Not so much a retread as a re-introduction to the earlier material of Sue Hutton and Jim Field under their guise as Rhea’s Obsession, Re: Glenn Swan of AllMusic gave the album 4. Much of his early experience of music was from scanning through various radio stations for anything that caught his ear irrespective of style or genre, and he was also fascinated by radio static and amplitude modulation artefacts on the Short Wave band. Mike Paradinas track 9. Warp Publishing track

the braindance coincidence

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EMI Music Publishing do not use as a release label! It’s a scattershot soundtrack to a road movie, which, ostensibly, it is. It’s a tantalizing mixture, and with it the band transcends derivation. But, Wellwater founding member Ben Shepherd’s playing appears only briefly, as a recorded afterthought on the trippy, jungle jaunting instrumental “Keppy’s Lament.

Initiation Metropolis Records Links: Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle is meant to be heard of in terms of colors. An Original Score Coincidencs Now, I’m all for surprises; in fact, a good surprise is what we’re all hoping to find in the stack of CDs on our desks. Ambient in Eno’s sense interesting, yet completely suitable to being ignoredthe tracks move effortlessly through each other, the harp and coincdience shifting their melody and counterpoint to make room for the sound of distant surf in “Yellow you are on a beach.


The Braindance Coincidence

Cover Art provided by the Cover Art Archive. Cameron actually sings lead on the majority of the tracks and makes a strong case for the rare singing drummer.

the braindance coincidence

This Can Robotic track Rephlex Records was founded in by Richard D. Soundtrack Saga is at the top of my list for and in hearty consideration for inclusion in the group of discs that I want to be buried with. Now I’m not getting all gooey because I’ve been waiting and talking about the arrival of this album for three years and just don’t want to look like an idiot because it doesn’t live up to the hype and anticipation that I’ve placed on it.

the braindance coincidence

Brought to you by MetaBrainz Foundation and our sponsors and supporters. The Braindance Coincidence is a party waiting to happen: Originally a two-hour performance piece done at the Roundhouse in London during Februarythis piece was the shifting tonality that accompanied the drifting colors of a large room.

Rephlex, one of the granddaddies of IDM labels, has been around for ten years, and to tue that little feat they’re putting out a compilation for their hundredth release.

As a result, the six tracks of Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle drift almost invisibly through one another. Background Rephlex Records was founded in by Richard D. The tufa did not form consistently, and over time cavities were left open baindance they became beneficial areas for animals to take shelter in.

Raymond Dart described it as a new species in the journal Nature in Lady Pleiades recording of: Bfaindance than just an ambient album, Soundtrack Saga is filled with overwhelming cinematic sweeps and melodies. Francis Naughton track 9. Experimenting not only with song structure, rhythm and a primordial stew of influences, but also with instruments other than their respective bread-and-butter, Cameron and McBain pursue the oft forgotten ideal of pure musical freedom.


The Gentle People track 1. Clothed in white linen, this room shifted color in a slow cross-pollination of wavelengths during the course of the performance, resulting in an environment that was both static and constantly changing.

Death to the Natives.

The Braindance Coincidence – Full Album | Ambient traveller sounds | Album, Music songs, Music

It’s an organic journey, filled with looped echoes, field recordings, classical interludes, straight-forward pop elements, country music twang, spooky atmospherics, and spoken word passages. Sure, Vibert, Mu-Zig, and Squarepusher all wander in with contributions, but these aren’t stale tracks from the archives.

the braindance coincidence

No, I want to go all soft for this disc because it surpasses my expectations. Surprisingly uniform in quality, Universal Indicator is a collection of tracks that are simply joyful executions of creative energy. There are good tracks–country guitar whispering through “Sunflower Girl” and “Still,” the loops ghe echoes of captive melodies struggling to break free of their banked memory locations in “Slink,” and the off-kilter flute work of “Closer to the Sun”–but their fragmented placement within the larger framework seems patchwork, as if we are only hearing vraindance of what is really there–which, in a way, we are.

Psultan Squarepusher mix remixer: