This forum is in no way affiliated with Atari Interactive. Thank you very much Mr Seagal! In the text box labelled Target add the command line options on the end after the ” if there is one. Glad it worked out in the end though. Fake STC dumps of these are included in the download.

steem emulator

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Steven Seagal regularly provides updated versions of the original STEem code. If so, I’ve redone you a version of Disk 1 whereby the main.

steem emulator

Comparing with a CRT display, I couldn’t confirm that Steem needs gamma correction, but it’s always a handy setting. You can find it at: Meanwhile, minimum stfem still works in the 3. As archivist now I always have to delete those files manually. It should still work in the DirectDraw build.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: Well does that mean it only works when running Steem from the desktop shortcut? I’m new to the platform so i don’t know how people do this on the real machine, what could help me to know how things work Glad it worked out in the end though. The easiest way to run Steem with them is to make a shortcut to Steem.


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It’s a fix-it toolbox that will allow power Word users to fix document errors. You will still need the second ekulator to play the game though. After i gonna try to do this by my own to learn. As not being a beta-tester they don’t make any sense for me as normal user. To allow volume effects while avoiding clicks, Steem will adapt the volume only progressively, this is not correct emulation, it’s a compromise. Sheem of that, first startup may be confusing, but it had to be done one day.

Proud to be an SPS member! Last edited by Steven Seagal on Sun Dec 25, 8: I really have no clue of what could possible caused this black screen. If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.

I develop a free Word for Windows add-in that’s available for Word upwards. Normally I would send you your site to grab the files, but it’s having some bandwidth issues, so I’ve attached it below.


steem emulator

Last edited by Hazelord on Fri Mar 23, 6: No guarantee as usual. Try this version by Klaz as it is fixed for multiple machines, includes a trainer and recognises that Disk 2 of the game will be in drive B: I’ll rectify this for next version EDIT: Fortunately, all could be fixed. I have only one question left: Atari will rule the world, long after man has disappeared sometime my English is dmulator little weird, Google translate is my best friend. Normally I would send you to his site to grab the files, but it’s having some bandwidth issues, so I’ve attached it below.

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