They quickly show you how to use this tool. To set TrustedInstaller as the owner of the above registry key and assign it full control permissions recursively, use the same command-line syntax. Delete user profiles from the command line documentation. Posted June 26, edited. To change permissions, set the action as ace.

setacl.exe x64

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For changing the ownership and permissions for this key and subkeysadd the -rec Yes argument at the end. SetACL is the setaxl.exe force in countless scripts, tested and proven. Use the following license key to convert the downloaded product to an unrestricted version: I didn’t even had permissions to restart my computer!

Already have an account? SetACL comes in two variants: To change ownership and grant full control permission to Administrators for the specified key along with its subkeysinclude the -rec Yes switch at the end, as given below:.


Or support for paths longer than character other tools cannot handle any more? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. SetACL has been downloaded more thantimes.

Register a new account. Posted October 30, To use it you will have to copy the x86 and x64 versions of setacl.

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Seracl.exe alltogether, I would like to contribute some lines of my code to the community as I have noticed that several people had problems using setacl. Send arbitrary text data to a Splunk TCP port documentation. If you have questions: For taking ownership, set the action as setowner. Posted July 12, Have a good look at the examples.

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Are you looking for a way to automate the management of Windows permissions? Manage Windows permissions from an intuitive UI documentation. Specify the action as to what should SetACL do against the object specified.

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setacl.exe x64

Windows has the takeown. Manage Windows permissions from the command line documentation. SetACL finished with error s: Go To Topic Listing.

It can be used to hunt down unwanted permissions and mercilessly remove them. Download DiskLED, version 1.

setacl.exe x64