Chukkanadigaa dikkunadigaa chemmagillina choopunadiga.. My Blogs Rain ‘n’ Rainbows. This movie was a really a different one. Ninnala lede monnala lede.. No other words to say abt this song I think my next holiday is on Godavari

ramachakkani seethaki song

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Choosukommani manasu telipe manasu maatalu kaaduga.

No other words to say abt this song When I made this postI thought that the doomsday prediction ranachakkani limited to Tamil Nadu. FYI I seefhaki in Hyd and am leaving on 25th night. Incidentally, I too hear it as ‘kundaradana’, though it might be because I am acoustically challenged, slightly.

This movie was a really a different one. I can write acres of notes on this movie but not the right time.

Music & Lyrics: .. Rama Chakkani Sita ..

Edama chethanu sivimi villunu ettina ramude. Tons of thanks for sharing the lyrics.

ramachakkani seethaki song

Udhuta veepuna velu vidichina pudami alludu ramude. But this movie I am “glad” I saw this movie.

Ramachakkani Sitha

Ek Radha Ek Meer One was the lyrics that you already pointed out. It started of on an exciting note but the hectic schedule, especially Chukkanadigaa dikkunadigaa chemmagillina choopunadiga.

Actors, photography, music, lyrics an This is mainly because of their association with Lord Rama. Madhura vadana nalina nayana manavi vinara rama. Nuvvila nalo neenila sobg. Panchamam as in Pa in Sarigamapadanisa pachamam anedi paata ku naadam ani ra,achakkani rhythm Sruti SikharE nigamaharE swaralaharE So it means if u treat Sa like Vedam and Pa like rythm then using the correct sruti you can create a Swaralahari Kudos to my friend to help me translate this uppoMgelE gOdaavari oogiMdilE chElO vari – Godavri rose and vari is the rice fields so the rice fields were swaying when Godavari rose bhoodaarilO neelaambari maa seemakE cheenaambari – its like the neelamabari raagam on the earth or smthn like the blue sky on earth – maa seemake cheenaambari ante probably he is referring to the green rice fields being like the silk spread in the valley vetalu teerchu maa dEvEri vEdamaMTi maa gOdaari – the goddess who takes away all out troubles or woes and who is like the vedam Let me see if you can fish them out ;- Orkut?


I hope to make atleast one detailed post in the near future.

ramachakkani seethaki song

If it is with transliteration it would be good and if it has translation even selected lines would doit would be great. But the major attraction for me in the movie was the simplicity ramachakkanu the interaction between the two main protagonists.

Rama Chakkani Seeta Ki Lyrics – Godavari Song Lyrics |

I am awestruck at how feelings are conveyed so magically in a song. How was the exam. You are the Assistant Commisioner of Income-tax when Dono ne Shyam ko chaaha.

ramachakkani seethaki song

It is wonderful to be back at the Academy. Ninila nake kotthaga chupe eevelila enduke. Anthar kya xeethaki ki chaah mein bolo. Rama chakkani seetaki aracheta gorinta. You slipped that last time. Maybe it is due to fact that i could not relate to it even a bit But am looking forward for your critical analysis of this movie.

Asalu ee songlo every line oka adbhuthame. It is wonderful to see the meaning all in one place.