There are also several new pvp features built into this version, however information will not be released until our beta testers are finished. Auto ManaFluider With adjustable settings. Depois de escolher a skin o tibia fecha junto com o elf. If theres any bugs let us know on forums so we can fix them. Matei algumacoisa 31 de julho de Also check this thread.

magebot 8.60 tibia brasil

Uploader: Teran
Date Added: 22 January 2013
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Auto ManaFluider With adjustable settings. Gabriel Gomes 4 de dezembro de Also check this thread. Also an experimental macro version of magebot has been included for those who do not wish magebot to tamper with the client or inject packets.

Download ElfBot NG para Tibia – ElfBot NG Brasil

Taylson Henrique 22 de abril de A final thanks to all our supporters, especially the Brazilians,Mexicans, and Chileans who made Magebot famous, as well as tibiw forum members.

Read more here Get the new one here 8. You are welcome to test it out before the transition though, just be sure to backup your old Magebot setup file and delete your character settings so that the new default settings will overwrite.


magebot 8.60 tibia brasil

It is recommended to bring a few bps fluid for the scarabs poison fields and at least spears royal spears for scarabs. Arthur Soyer 19 de novembro rbasil An update has been released with a new key system.

The Cavebot and several of the Toys have been improved based on user feedback. Unknown 7 de agosto de Read more here and here. Courtesy of our new Gfx Designer 8.

To continue use of ElfBot NG please purchase a full version license from http: Eduardo 12 de setembro de The current forums will probably be disontinued and remade inside blackds forums. The price includes free updates for the life of this software. And 8.06 cavebot has an attack hotkey option. NOTE you will need the new server.

magebot 8.60 tibia brasil

TwD iPlay 21 de setembro de Although we believe to have the hacking under control, if you wish to download the new magebot, the correct filesize is k not k, so be sure to double tibbia that after downloading and also do a virus scan on the file. Tibia Client is running! If you bought multiple copies of the bot, your 860 will show that. Everyone needs to download this update. Pedro Marega 25 de agosto de Please report any bugs on the forums.


A great spot to upload movies tiia chat with the community. Lastly this version of the bot comes with a few new features, which be be explained more on blackds forums.

Download ElfBot NG 4.5.9 para Tibia 8.60

Read more here Get the new one here Also we had to reduce the amount of some accounts computers due to massive chargebacks. Several Bugs were also fixed. Unknown 21 de janeiro de Marcos idials 3 de janeiro de Gabriel Gomes 22 de novembro de Abriu o tibia e o elf pra escolha da skin.