Im juss a regular bedroom dj, these would fit in my budget perfectly, but i need to decide between this or mackie cr4. Be Ambitious find your love and you talent and be somebody. Lights by the Lake Livesosa. A tad bit to much bass.. Pounds in the Air Livesosa. With the Hercules was a nightmare!

livesosa all i ask

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livesosa all i ask

It can be learned. Posted in ArtistsArts, Entrepreneurs,creativity. Compare DM40 with the HS. Livesosa grinds out hard on his music, putting everything inside of him into it.

All i Ask | Livesosa

Comment 29 livesosa does reviews?!?! Purchase Link for these bad boys gone head and add em to your studio if any thing they look livesisa Dj Cash Subscribe Subscribed 0 videos.

Search results “Livesosa lyrics”view all Livesosa song lyricsLivesosa lyrics search. Library Artists Billboard Contributes.

livesosa all i ask

In two words Describe Livesosa. We do not offer stream or download music, If you want to remove your name on this website, please email to: It means just that get axk off yo ass stop using this an that as an excuse! I wanted a smaller speaker that could handle trap and hiphop music.


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We observed him working hard and diligently on his craft over the past year and we must say we are impressed by his drive and creative talents, especially when it comes to his song writing abilities. Can’t Raise a Baby Livesosa. Twitter did not respond. Smell tha Flavor Livesosa.

Livesosa – The Next in The R&B Spotlight

No CEOs here were all in School. Contact Form 7 or GravityForms plugin is required! Mall of America all out Jan 3, !!! Cooksey and Marka Livesosa. Cuddle I Know Freestyle Livesosa. For movies and gaming I rate these a 9!!! If people could learn only one thing from you through your music, what would you have it be? Just for Her feat.

Im juss a regular bedroom dj, these would fit in my budget perfectly, but i need to decide between this or mackie cr4. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


I am a livessoa Hercules XPS 2. Dj Cash February 15, All I Ask Livesosa. Dj Cash August 3, Livesosa is humble and very well grounded in himself and who he is.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Your email address will not be published. Fire in the Am Livesosa. U is me and its what makes me happy.