Eminent Director Shri K. Gaddeswarupji, What a fantastic song you have presented. But I am not sure whether you can consider it as an adaption. But you have to satisfy my curiosiy. Those who understand both languages will note that the Tamil lyrics by Kannadasan are more or less exact translations of the Hindi originals. Subbaiah Naidu, , S.

kumudham pol vasanthakumari songs

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Gaddeswarupji, Mine ends at 60s. Subodhji, Thank you very much. He was not happy with the lyrics and music style in the films and gave opportunities for newcomers.

Soundararajan on a postcard from the series Legendary Singers of India. Soolamangalam RajalakshmiS. One of his songs in that movie, “Raathey Ennai Vittu Pogathedi,” became a hit and he was paid Rs He joined film editor Dina Narvekar as his assistant, he vasznthakumari his film career as a cinematographer and screenwriter.

But there must be some Indian songs which had versions in languages.

kumudham pol vasanthakumari songs

Sundarshanam proves my point that Tamil composers had very eclectic taste; they were also very fair-minded and impartial. Let us on move on to the 50s.


Kumudham – WikiVisually

Sorry to songe you. Let us listen to the Tamil song first and then the Hindi version from the film Ghar Sansar. Kannadasan’s greatest contribution to Tamil culture is his songwriting. Chainsaw indo texas download Album or cover kraftwerk autobahn download. One, M N Nambiar, who was the eternal villain in Tamil movies, played the leading role and put on 10 disguises in this movie.

Multiple Version Songs (5): Hindi and Tamil film songs (1) – ‘Inspired and adopted’ songs

I am presenting three such songs of music director Veda. Inspired by these painstaking efforts, and after an encouraging communication from AKji, I decided to venture into an area, where I have not made any serious attempt earlier.

kumudham pol vasanthakumari songs

I would call my endeavour a compilation, of songs collected from YT and the relevant information collected from various sources, rather than research. I do not know whether this fits here or in two other themes by Venkataramanji to follow. Hope to see your name often.

Cinema is immensely popular in India, with as many as 1, films produced in various languages every year. I was aware of this song and had kept it in my short list on remakes. Tamil film songs inspired from Hindi songs.


Mahadevan recorded two devotional songs for which he was paid just Rs The Mayflowerwhich transported Pilgrims to the New World.

Kumudham pol vasanthakumari songs free download

This also from a remake. Balu Nadig Welcome to SoY. Thank you very much once again. Sirkazhi GovindarajanP. I am happy that I have known you and your work through Songs of Yore. But the melody of the American song itself is not original.

kumudham pol vasanthakumari songs

Soundararajan was born in Maduraithe second son of the Meenakshi Iyengar and Venkatammaa on 24 Marchhe was born in a prominent Saurashtra Brahmin family and his elder brother was kummudham scholar. LeelaJikkiL. They have three children: Here is the romantic Hindi song sequence set on a breezy Poonam Ki Raat on a river bank.