The album closer has huge amounts of emotion in a bitter sweet way. Jerry Cantrell has proven, again, that the loss of Layne Staley has not crippled his songwriting skills and that he can stand by himself as a songwriter. Label executives commended Cantrell’s ambition but were uneasy about the idea of a double album. Cantrell vents on the demise of his band and other personal issues with depictions of drug abuse, troubled relationships, and the rocky, hedonistic lifestyle of a musician. Cantrell canceled the show that he was scheduled to perform at Zephyrhills ‘s Livestock Festival on April 28, in order to attend Staley’s funeral in Seattle.

jerry cantrell degradation trip

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AgonymphMay 19th, Album — Billboard North America.

Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Retrieved January 5, These are just great songs.

jerry cantrell degradation trip

An interview with Jerry Cantrell”. The lyrics are utterly sad and melancholic and the chorus is one of the best Cantrell has ever penned.

Degradation Trip (reissue)

Comes With the Fall”. The album was the result of an intense writing process that resulted in 25 songs. Views Read Edit View history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cantrell creates songs, not just riffs, and Degradation Trip is packed with memorable melodies and strikingly vivid lyrics. I can’ t believe I’m the first bloke to write a review for this one.


Jerry CANTRELL Degradation Trip (reissue) vinyl at Juno Records.

No solos here, but no need for them either. Sonically, it’s right up there with Dirt as far as viciousness goes. Archived from the original on July 31, It resulted that Trujillo, inspired by Pino Palladinodeveloped his own code for writing down bass compositions which he would continue using in the future. Retrieved April 4, The album debuted at No. The album received overwhelmingly positive reviews from various media and stronger enthusiasm than Cantrell’s solo debut.

Another very well arranged, heavy track with lots of catchy riffs and lots of attitude.

jerry cantrell degradation trip

Bands canttell country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. A hallmark of Cantrell’s style, many unorthodox rhythms and time signatures are exhibited throughout the album as well as heavy use of wah-wah guitar effect and choir-like vocal harmonies. It’s obvious that if Cantrell had his way, he would still be making Alice in Chains albums.

Jerry Cantrell Isn’t Ready to Revisit ‘Degradation Trip’

Write your own review. Its lyrics, often haunting and confessional, range from cynical sarcasm to explicitly morbid portrayals. The latter is semi-autobiographical: Especially because they are of extremely high quality.


These albums are both too long, for sure, but at the same time, I wouldn’t want them much shorter — the huge, droning, impenetrable lengths are part of why it’s a degradation tripafter all. One particularly degradagion show forced Cantrell to swap places with Sevendust who were having trouble crossing into Canada, and postponed their slot.

Cantrell then gave the crowd a disparaging remark about the upcoming Sevendust. In a state of self-imposed isolation Cantrell recorded the demos using a trkp recorder and a battered Gibson Les Paul. Cantrell also took part in the Canada’s Edgefest. Especially Bordin shines on this album. The album’s title refers to Cantrell’s self-imposed isolation and appears in “Solitude,” a brooding acoustic track.

jerry cantrell degradation trip