Surya’s stepmother, fears losing control. With Dadaji bedridden, Shivaji dead and Surya heartbroken, Amma rises to power, her allies find themselves outmaneuvered. He claims Iraboti’s ancestral house to be his. Carol comes to India but falls in a trap by Rajan and Raghav. Amma is sent to jail for her sins and the family members are reunited.

jani dekha hobe star jalsha serial song

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She starts getting visions from her past life where she met a tragic death. Monami Ghosh as Iraboti Mitra aka IraA year-old sales executive and part time music teacher, Akash’s employee and his rival regarding the ownership of her ancestral house “Shesher Kobita”, she is the second among her siblings, has been engaged to her childhood friend Broto.

Jani Dekha Hobe is a serial which deals with rebirth and reincarnation ; the plot of the show is slightly same as that of Madhumati and Om Shanti Om. Mitra aka “Thammi”The Mitra family’s grandmother, she is jlasha caring personality with a mind of her own. Mamata Banerjee did not miss a single episode of the soap.

Jani Dekha Hobe

Surya and Devi are able to exonerate Prabal, but Amma manipulates them into proceeding with the wedding and Anu into thinking her family doesn’t care about her. She is merciless and will kill to achieve her goals; the name Rajeshwari means Queen. Barcelona is a city in Spain. The doubloon was a two-escudo or real gold coin; weighing 6.


He is the eldest child of Adhishwar Dev Burman but has no ambition in deiha his legacy or empire.

Jani Dekha Hobe Serial Full Episodes, Watch Jani Dekha Hobe TV Show Latest Episode on Hotstar

He is against conservative practices of rekha religion, he has two daughters – Jahaanara who are of different nature. Will the family members accept Carol as their daughter in law?

Anu spoils Devi’s bridal henna and attempts suicide. Adhishwar is Surya’s grandfather and the Godfather of Surajgarh, he is known to be a just and fair ruler.

JANI DEKHA HOBE – Star Jalsha Serial Song Lyrics, Video

Satyaki coming out from all of his past and frustration accepts Konok as his wife and loves her too much. The name Pratap means majesty in Bengali.

jani dekha hobe star jalsha serial song

She detests the entire Chowdhury family. How will Carol adjust in this orthodox family? Alivia Malakar as Tista Mitra aka ChhutiIraboti’s youngest sister, 23 years of age, good and supportive at heart, quite grounded in nature, she is in her 3rd year of M.

She is Anando Chatterjee’s estranged wife and Akash’s estranged mother.

jani dekha hobe star jalsha serial song

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mitra familySuchandra Chowdhury as Mrs. Charles and Diana in Woombye Suchismita Chowdhury as Mona Chatterjee Akash Chatterjee’s governessstaying with Chatterjee family with her two children to take care of Akash. Vinni’s father works as a manager in Mohul’s ancestral property estate.

jani dekha hobe star jalsha serial song

To drive the families apart, Amma frames Devi’s brother, for molesting Surya’s sister, Anu. It is telecast daily; the show is produced by Acropolis Entertainment Pvt. The name Surya refers to the God of the Sun.


Bikash Bhowmik as Mr. Ghosh plays the lead role of “Iraboti Mitra”, a year-old kind and caring lady, excellent at balancing her job and family; the series marks Ghosh’s return to a lead role on Bengali television, since her portrayal of Kankon dekga Star Jalsha’s daily soap opera Punyi Pukur.

Watch Jani Dekha Hobe TV Serial Episode 15 – Ratree wants Mohul to marry Full Episode on Hotstar

It was one of three stations named in a court case that sought to ban Indian television stations from broadcasting in Bangladesh, it aired the comedy show “Gaja” before the show switched stations.

Danes at the PaleyFest. Jani Dekha Hobe is a serial which deals with rebirth and reincarnation. Teesta now makes problems to kick Konok out of the house and to bring back Satyaki again in her life.

Reincarnation is the philosophical or religious concept that the non-physical essence of a living demha starts a new life in a different physical form or body after biological death.