Knee, and Katsuhisa Tanaka. Withers, and Chris D. Griffith, Frank Haarmann, Clare P. Synthesis and the crystal structure of dimeric 1-hydroxyhexane-2,3-dione and the spectral characteristics of a model acireductone. The last version is always copied here together with input data. Make sure SDK for X11 is installed, in most Linux distributions only run-time libraries are present by default.


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Shell-ferromagnetism and decomposition in off-stoichiometric Ni50Mn50—xSbx Heuslers. Volume 9 Issue Decpp.

Sobolev, Iana Glazkova, Alexander A. Program for solving structures by charge flipping. Volume 13 Issue Novpp. As soon as an overlap in topics is found a new Ad Hoc Workshop is organized. For some special functionalities Jana can call external programs.

Zeitschrift für Kristallographie – Crystalline Materials

Pressure-induced Lifshitz transition in NbP: Volume Issue Junpp. Volume 17 Issue Decpp. Volume Issue Julpp. Novel insight into the structure and properties of lead-free dielectric Sr3TiNb4O Compressibility of two Na-rich clinopyroxenes: Volume Issue 12 Decpp. Colin, Alain Pautrat, Angel M. Scherf, Oliver Pecher, Kent J.



Jana system is a freeware but we are interested who is using it. The latest development of Jana concerns magnetic structures.

Volume 88 Issue Novpp. Influence of lithium and magnesium on the real structure and dielectric properties of Ca9Y VO4 7 single crystals. Sarah Hickam, Sergey M. Phase formation and growth mechanism.

Jana – Crystallographic Computing System

Disorder in the hydrogen-atoms uninvolved in hydrogen bonds in a metal—organic framework. Volume 4 Issue Decpp. The input diffraction data can be unlimitedly combined, the combination of powder neutron data with single crystal X-ray data being a typical example. Canted antiferromagnetism in phase-pure CuMnSb. The Mystery of the AuIn 1: User Account Log in Register Help. A respectful treatment of one another is important to us. Ajna2006 of diffuse scattering using superspace jana0206.

Schaller, and Mercouri G.


Effect of thermal treatment on properties and structure of zinnwaldite. A New Class of X-ray Phosphors. Volume 71 Issue Jan2006pp. Gasteiger, and Tom Nilges.


Papadokostaki, Vasilis Psycharis, Chiu C. Volume 76 Issue Augpp.