Track Activity and Growth Monitor outcoming and incoming activity and audience growth. Mass Planner is no more as well. I actually prefer it to solely web-based services. Even without this feature, you should be able to get new followers during the free trial period. For example see example. I also like it that it offers a ton of different features and it is quite affordable. It allows you to set your Instagram engagement on autopilot so that you can clear up your schedule to focus on other important aspects of your brand or business.

instabot mac

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Compatibility Requires iOS Thanks for the detailed article! To start off with, you can check out their free three-day instahot by logging in with your Instagram details and seeing how they really work. See the video below for more info. Like a few other bots on our list, AutoGramBot is a tool that is prepared to be upfront and honest about what they offer from the get-go.

instabot mac

Easily build sophisticated bots using our intuitive platform. I have been using Follow Adder for a few weeks now and the result has been killer! It is very good.

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Thanks for your ihstabot Like other bots, Instamacro works by targeting updates based on hashtags. Since you can use this software across social media accounts, here is a quick overview of the basic tasks it can help you efficiently manage.


It does also provide a large amount of features for the money. Instagress is a web based app that generates followers on auto followers — with an array of options to configure.

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There are a lot of things lnstabot Instagram bot can do. Easily measure KPIs and along with Instabot marketing attribution, tie meetings straight to marketing campaigns. However, our timeline for Influx returning is currently undefined, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Instead of having to spend hours a day engaging, I can simply use the app, put in a hashtag and engage automatically with people without having to lift a single finger. Once deployed, mca can live chat with customers as well as see rich bot analytics, suggestions for optimization, and edit your bot on the fly.

Add a code snippet to your site like Google Analytics and launch in less than 5 minutes. Just change the login and password information with your own, then run example.

instabot mac

Like with Insta Vast and many other companies on this list, you can check out Kenji for free with their three-day trial. Social media is crucial to the success of most businesses today, and setting up your social media marketing campaigns is a time-consuming task that can instanot automated and made more efficient with Mass Planner.

MassPlanner is dead now too as of May 12, You can schedule posts, send messages, grow your audience, check your statistics and much more. It is still early to give a complete review but I will keep you updated. Is there any bot for Instagram that has multiple account management, auto likes, auto comment features?


Additionally, they claim to be able to grow your Instagram by as many as new followers per month. Important News on Automation Unfortunately, Instagram has updated its algorithms and nearly all bots and growth services are either not working or are no longer accepting new clients due to the load.

instabot mac

Managed Social uses automated software that makes sure only the right people see your content. With over clients to instaabot, Work Macro is a bot with a solid reputation for implementing successful Instagram growth strategies. Not only can they grow it efficiently, but they can also do it naturally and safely too, two things that you always want to try and look for in an Instagram marketing company. Thanks for the article Quinn!

We are all very sad of that but it looks like there is nothing we can do at the moment. The service has been specifically designed for long-term use, so many of these safety concerns have been addressed. Slow settings make your account look like it is growing naturally.