How the Gods Kill Danzig Cover Life in Darkness If it demands what you call acquired taste, listen to it again and try to understand why others like it. The Ordinary Lies Bridge Between Life and Death. Children Of Doom Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 10,

helllight discografia

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Tudo Journey Hellligjt Endless Storms Distant Light That Fades Opeth In Cauda Venenum. In the brand new full-length album by the lords of Brazilian funeral doom metal scene, HellLight, they have found the ultimate balance of atmospheric and melodic, most clearly expressing their vision of the genre and displaying all their typical and iconic sides, formed in the previous works.

HELLLIGHT discography (top albums) and reviews

Demo 1 Boxset VA 1. Journey Through Endless Storm Album, 23 NovembroSolitude Productions.

helllight discografia

Heaven and Hell Black Sabbath Cover Shades of Black Shapeless Forms of Emptiness. Death The Sound Of Perseverance. But in this case everything is so perfect that I Imagine the input of others would have thrown a spanner in the works.


It sounds like my favourite band Anathema. Birdflesh Extreme Graveyard Tornado.

Journey Through Endless Storms. But one is being hyped, while the other one is being hated.

Shades Of Black Metallica Master Of Puppets. The Light That Brought Darkness EP, 26 OutubroSolitude Productions. The Lord Of Shadows The Land of Broken Dreams.

HellLight Discography

Van de Walle Sven. How the Gods Kill Danzig Cover Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 10, go to album.

helllight discografia

Fear No Evil Album, 07 SetembroSolitude Productions. If you like Helllight, you may also like:. Distant Light That Fades Charts Top of Top End Of Pain Life In Darkness [re-recorded version] Dive In The Dark Beneath the Light of the Moon.

Journey Through Endless Storm