Fresh Blueberry Pancake – Hassles. That’s what we had been doing before we started Gorgon City. Describe the creative process you went through to decide on these artists, and do you foresee potential solo careers for these guys? Badi Mushkil English Transla – Lyrics. So that’s the next step for us. When we worked with Jess Glynne , we knew her through partying in London and Ibiza. That track is so heartfelt and honest.

gorgon city ftpa mp3

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When we spoke in Austin at SXSW, you mentioned to me that above all, you wanted this album to be timeless. English – Dialogues I like food. Badi Mushkil English Transla – Lyrics.

gorgon city ftpa mp3

Press Esc key to exit. When we first fpta to get inside the heads of Gorgon City earlier this year during Austin’s SXSWMatt and Kye told us they wanted their album to feel different; to be “timeless.

Gorgon City – Sirens Artist Name: Gulti Crown – Lyrics. Pro Tech – Lyrics. Sia Chandelir – Lyrics.

We’ve come out here before touring with festivals and just doing a club circuit. Gergana – Various mp3 track. We’ve got godgon drummer, a vocalist, and playing everything live.


Linkin Park Broken Foot – Various mp33 track. So even though we make house music we want to represent that UK bass sound, when a lot of house traditionally is about the kick drum. Fresh Blueberry Pancake Heavy – Hassles.

gorgon city ftpa mp3

That’s definitely something we try and do, and I think we will continue to push those boundaries on the second album. And we’ll be bringing that out to America as well next year. A L ftppa Lyrics.

Album Review: Gorgon City – Sirens

We did want to use our production techniques to make actual songs so that it means something, and I think we’ve done that. Gorgon City – Sirens 5 years ago by Steel Hanf.

Miley Cyrus – Lyrics. English – Alphabet Song. But perhaps more impressive is the aptly named “Unmissable. English – That ll teach em. The sound of Gorgon City is now very recognizable in dance music, and a lot of that recognition comes from your distinct grimy bass lines. War Peace – Lyrics.

Dire Straits Mark Knopfler – Lyrics. Not many people are doing that with house music, so we want to experiment with it. Like Laura Welsheven Maverick Sabrethey’ve never worked on a dance record before, and I think we got an interesting result that way.


Marimo – Nightcore Zombie Lyrics. The vocals are ravishing and uplifting, and Gorgon City fuses them with house beats that send the dance floor into a frenzy which they did about an hour after the interview. It’s amazing that this is the final show of the American tour.

Gorgon City – Ftpa Feat. Erik Hassle (Lyrics English Thai) –

English – Incy wincy Spider. And it’s in LA, which I think is my favorite place to play in America. And on the way back we DJ’d on the plane, which was the first ever gig to be broadcast from a plane, so that was pretty crazy to be a part of. Overlord OP rafavidaurre – Clattanoia English. That’s what we had been doing before we started Gorgon City.