You can find subbed content by hovering over the dropdown menu at the top of this subreddit. M H November 19, Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Submit a new text post. Cant wait for new year: Airport sucked so bad Just realized Fujiwara is wearing something not incredibly weird it is a bit I guess.

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Also, any word on the enfhusiastic of airport being subbed? It was worth the wait, and I for one was very grateful for all their hard work. Teacgers anyone have any links for the new Batsu game?

Such a big program with many scenes, chance are they will screw up somewhere, then they will have to refilm the scene. Anonymous November 24, I don’t know, maybe they have run out of good and new ideas. Is there something like that on the Japanese interwebz? I have an honest question, in most of these gaki no tsukai productions, does the cast know what kind of pranks are going to happen before hand to them?

I can’t wait and have told the wife I’m watching no matter what hehe 5 tsukal of fun. Anonymous December 22, Happy new year to everyone.


Gaki No Tsukai with English Subtitles: No-Laughing Batsu Game – Teachers

If this is sugtitle to be similar to the Highschool batsu, it will be OK, maybe great. GakiNoTsukai submitted 2 years ago by Kr4zY.

Additionally, the staff should not direct the whole batsu game. Thanks so much for your hard work! Anonymous November 21, tsukau Just realized Fujiwara is wearing something not incredibly weird it is a bit I guess. D Well, anyway, this is not the whine thread, so I’m sorry about it. TommyTime November 19, Fk I tried to learn japanese just to watch these freaking cool game shows, i know like 2 Kanji’s after 6 months of practicing LOL.

They have more scenes than we actually get to see, from the 3 bus stops they take, there tskuai probably 6 or so and they only show the good ones that’s why you never see them get whipped times u see them get whipped maybe times in the show, they’ll only show the good cuts and when subtit,e messes up it isn’t re-shot it’s just trashed as seen in the uncut versions u can watch on various websites.

I thought it was firemen when I read the gaki fan page forums. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Omar Alfalahi December 13, I’d love to see a Cromartie High reference with a guy looking like Freddie being in one of their classes. Part 1 Silent Library 1 – 4: Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. It is much funnier when the gaki members ad lib for laughs, rather than watching all the dumb skits that aren’t even funny big exception is Chono.


I can’t wait to see the next Chono-slap!

(ENG SUB) Batsu Game 2013 Enthusiastic Teachers- Matsumoto Face

If it’s like Airport, then Some people said they want new people etc on show, Japanese tv enfhusiastic different to US or Europe. I hope they do the Chinko Machine game where they have to give quick answers. When does the show air date?

Sulaiman AlAbduljalil November 19, Can’t wait to watch it!