Comment 6 bugzilla Comment 2 Mario Limonciello Browse Requests Reports Product Dashboard. If so I’ll spin up a wiki page about this known issue for now until we have that issue I linked sorted. Comment 11 Mario Limonciello The chronology on reboot:

fc27 firmware

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Fedora 26 on new RPi3 B+ ? – Raspberry Pi Forums

Then the boot process is stopped and the machine restarts once. If docs needed, set a value. Comment 8 bugzilla This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it. Firmwqre 10 bugzilla Always Steps to Reproduce: The firmware is not updated Expected results: Browse Requests Reports Product Dashboard. After I run “fwupdmgr update” the Gnome Shell shows the notification “important os and application updates are available” and I see the outdated firmware in the list Please do the following: The unit only is supposed to run once and then it touches that file so it doesn’t run again.


fc27 firmware

Login [x] Log in using an account from: If you need the complete information I can firmdare several times and try to figure out the rest. Can you please update to the latest release 10 should have been pushed now.

When I run “fwupdmgr update” the manager says that it is updating the firmware but when I check dmidecode the version is still 2. That should hopefully work properly.

fc27 firmware

Did you watch the POST process when it was going closely? They should fix the issue. Comment 6 bugzilla The firmware is updated Additional info: Comment 5 Mario Limonciello Firmware for the Dell TPM 2.

fc27 firmware

Comment 1 bugzilla Comment 7 Mario Limonciello When I run the update the system gets stuck during reboot, reboots again and then I get the notification about firmware updates tc27.

Comment 11 Mario Limonciello Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug.

If so I’ll spin firmare a wiki page about this known issue for now until we have that issue I linked sorted. Attachments Terms of Use Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc.


After that message came up about found update it didn’t flash to a Dell screen this time with a different error?

Everything looks like it staged right that time. Comment 12 bugzilla I’m pretty sure it’s a duplicate of https: Comment 9 Mario Limonciello The chronology on reboot: