They modernized the folk songs in a way that local styles were lost. Before this time, pear-shaped bowed instruments were mainly played as popular folk music instruments in the Aegaeian region and Thrakia. Especially attractive for musicians, composers and the audience is one of the largest forms, the concerto for orchestra and solo instrument. Some of the later singers, such as Ibrahim Tatlises or Emrah sang mostly folksongs in arabesk arrangements. Later the piano returns to a more Western musical structure.

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Ilyasoglu ; ; ; Ahmeeo Another example is the CD Minor Empire: During the s influenced by political music groups since the sthe group used harmonic accompaniment either by Western functional harmony provided by a guitar or vocalsor by riffs, that is, repeated ostinati as accompaniment for melodic or rhythmic solos Akkaya et. Hemawas, CD Kalan ; Akkaya et al Over the past twenty plus years, numerous CDs have been published, containing reduced versions of Ottoman-Turkish art music with simple harmonic accompaniment played on piano.

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Some pieces are heavily dominated by abstract noise, but later move into quick, rhythmic transitions. There are no standards of performance practice to stabilise musical life, rather almost every concert and every CD presents a new type of ensemble, performing a new repertoire with new arrangements.

The exact concert planning of course differs between choirs. Abstract The book describes the confusing, contradictory and individualized musicscape in Turkey around the turn of the twenty-first century, including its prehistory throughout the twentieth century and sometimes beyond.

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It is noteworthy that this recent interest in solo concertos is not limited to Turkey, as several of concertos for traditional instruments have been composed in many Middle Eastern countries, including: So, atonality was never considered worthy of being taught in music schools.

Already in Alnar composed Ahkedo, a free adaptation of a taksim for piano. He explains his system in detail for numerous makams; later ah,edo focus on traditonal forms and rhythms pp. Gradually the melody broadens, changing the makam repeatedly, in between short resorts to a zeybek or an alevi semah.


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A comprehensive history of popular music in Turkey has unfortunately not been written yet, in particular to bridge the first half of the twentieth century including operetta, early jazz, tango, kanto, etc with more recent styles. While the idea of musical traditions, such as folk music, Ottoman-Turkish art music, regional Anatolian styles, tekke style or others, is still imagined as existing by the audience as well as for most MARTIN Ein musicians, in fact all of these traditions have disintegrated to a large extent.

Particularly frwe these early years, most instrumental ensembles still did not differ much from former ince saz ensembles. Orchestras, opera houses and ballets were founded, in Ankara from dkin s and later also in Istanbul and Izmir.

Often the use of Western instruments forces musicians to change the tonal system and play in Western tempered tuning.

Concert programs and CDs came to include pieces of Turkish folk and art music, historical European art music from a range of periods and styles and possibly pieces from other music traditions. In particular Western orchestras have become a model for most music cultures worldwide, inspiring all kind of larger ensembles with traditional ahedo.

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Since the s, the Kurdish movement had begun to rise, from the s on dominated by the PKK. However, before we continue to analyze how instruments and voices are combined into transformed or newly founded ensembles for traditional music, I will briefly describe the historical development of harmonization in traditional music in Turkey.

Following some general tendencies concerning the development of further instruments will be given.


I will only shortly describe some few of these individual approaches, ignoring many others in order not to distract from my main argu- MARTIN GREVE ment, that is, that individual musical projects today more and more replace coherent musical traditions. After the s the piano again fell out of use among serious Turkish ensembles for tree music. The term itself derived from the Italian word canto, meaning singing, chant, or song.

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Around one century later the sine keman also disappeared, coming to be replaced by the violin which was introduced into the Ottoman Empire in the early nineteenth century, just as in many music cultures worldwide including India, Iran and Arabic countries; Nettl Here, he organized the musicians into a semicircle, at first directing the ensemble with a def and later conducting the ensemble with a baton.

As a result, the gap widened between Turkish Western music and contemporary Western music, which led to the growing international aesthetic isolation of Turkish composers.

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For several well-known Turkish songs art and folk a great number of contemporary arrangements have been made, ranging from traditional performance and historical reconstruction, to jazz, arabesk, rock and contemporary Western music.

Dervish in Manhattan Soon both replaced the long necked variant with kara and other tunings, as they have been preferred at TRT since the s. Below are a few examples of these compositions, listed here following the date of the composers birth: The main figure who characterizes the introduction of Western singing techniques into Turkish folk music is Ruhi Su —