Atrocity Tapes EP by Yokonono. Grand Annihilation is in the same vein as the same track, but with more djenty post metal fusion present. The song is certainly no fluke, either. A quick shift from the non-stop insanity of the previous two track, the song is much slower and much more melodic, having a slight twinge of mellow serenity in the quiet string chords and the rhythmic guitar crunches. You Might Also Like Reviews. This album is a hit and miss masterpiece. Jesse van den Akker.

cyclamen senjyu

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Although most of the creative steam the band has has already blown out, the song still manages to dish out a decent amount of inventive atmospheres and riffing.

Opening with a great djenty riff section and transitioning into a grand cyclamrn and epic section of soaring mellotron chords backing djenty riffs and swooping vocals, the song’s chorus has some of the better songwriting on the album. Overall, however, the album is a fantastic debut full length by this band, and is recommended, with some hesitation, to cyclamsn tech metal fan. Cyclamen — Senjyu gets… 3. Nothing special, the track is a real trick, bringing you to believe the album to be quite and mellow, while in reality it is quite the opposite.

Cyclamen – Senjyu

Overall, the track is one of the better on the album. Devoid, the longest track on the album so far the self titled track will beat it in length by less than 10 secondshas sebjyu of the more deep and intuitive composition, opening with a very serene and somber piano piece, slowly transitioning into a cinematic experience, with a great post-rock atmosphere.

Vocally, the track is in the same vein of Hope, with careworn and sincere melodies gracing the sonic spectrum of this track. Hope is like a brick wall in front of a fast moving wall, in terms of the style of the music. Or browse results titled:. No release results – showing artist results instead. Deciding to take the rest of his band out of the process was a bold, yet fitting move.


cyclamen senjyu

You Might Also Like Reviews. If you like Senjyu, you may also like:. Cyclamen started off as a one-man project, so Hayato wanting to step up for the debut album makes sense. The song writing is some of the most creative I’ve seen in a while, putting a fresh spin on a style of music that is quickly running dry, but also has some of the most peculiar vocals I’ve heard in a while.

Fuentes Dany it is just amazing. The album is brimming with tracks ranging from absolute insanity to downright beauty. Jesse van den Akker. You are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use ccyclamen credentials.

Full Moon Night Obviously, with Hayato being Japanese, much of the lyrics are cyclamfn the Japanese language. The band has evolved from a one man solo project to a full fledged quintet band over the years, with dozens of demos and recordings to the band’s name.

As I pointed out above, the screaming vocals, although tolerable after a few listens, can be quite painful on the first listen, and a few consecutive listens after that, and can easily detract from the otherwise great music.

Only doing this bio because of internal pressure to comply. Other sites in senjy MAC network: Like I said, Senjyu is pretty diverse.

Tags ambient experimental metal post-rock Japan. Even still, Senjyu is a nice start for a hopefully long career for Cyclamen.

Cyclamen – Senjyu – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Although having a predominantly “prog” emocore feel to the verses, the melodic breakdown chorus and the great blackened thrash bit near the end of the track give a sharp dynamic to the song. A quick shift from chclamen non-stop insanity of the previous two track, the song is much slower and much more melodic, having a slight twinge of mellow serenity in the quiet string chords and the rhythmic guitar crunches.


I expected more songs akin to the tracks on Dreamers and their split with Haunted Shores, where the more memorable songs lie, with big guitars and melodies. The entire cyclanen keeps a ssenjyu slow and calculated approach to the sound of the song, never once breaking into some insane riff session, and keeping the constant ceremonial feel of music, even with the harder hitting post metallic chord sweeps and atmospheric drum work.

Thirst is yet another one of my cclamen tracks on the album, with even more rapid fire dynamic changes, avant-garde insanity brimming in every savory second, and some of the fanciest and most inventive djent riffing I’ve heard in a while senyu a slugh slugh slugh but a bugh bugh bughas well as some extremely inventive work with intervals and Meshuggah- esque rapid-fire riffs.

With flinging guitar riffs, quickly changing dynamics, and some great melodies in the choruses, especially with the sublime drumming work, the track, albeit short, is certainly a good introduction to what the band truly is, and is one of my favorites of the album.

cyclamen senjyu

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