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borgore g eazy forbes

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borgore g eazy forbes

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Monday 29 July View all similar artists. Sunday 2 June And if it ain’t lit I won’t stick around I’m high off some of the best shit I found And I don’t chase girls, I’m just picking now Yeah I guess things are just different now And yeah, yeah, she knows what I’m thinking now Yeah Luckily everything’s quicker now I pour me a drink and I drink it down Room full of boppers then I swing my dick around They say when it’s raining, it pours I mean champagne showers of course And my chick’s way badder than yours No, I don’t fuck with average fours I cut fast like samurai swords That boy he just works and records Yeah Mama, I made it to Forbes Look, mama, I made it to Forbes Look, mama, I made it to Forbes Look, mama, I made it to Forbes.


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borgore g eazy forbes