It implies that samurai joined the festival alongside peasants and merchants, disgracing themselves with brawling and unseemly behaviour. However, there are certain times during their performance where they have a stationary dance choreography. The Poetry and Life of Saionji Kintsune. I had never seen dancing like this before, with such color, such movement, such energy! Tokushima, Shikoku a 3 hour flight, 5 hour train, or 9 hour bus from Tokyo.

awa odori music

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It is also held in other parts of the country, just like the Shimokitazawa district of Tokyo. You must be logged in to post a comment. There are also performances which require more dancers, acrobatics, somersaults, and the like.

Yosakoi and Awa Odori: Experiencing Shikoku’s Iconic Dance Festivals | JAPAN Forward

This page was last edited on 1 Mayat Japanese Lucky Bags musix the New Year. August 6, Retrieved from ” https: June 19, Although the origin is not clear, it is said to have been a popular late-Edo Period folk song and the indigo merchants brought the song to Awa from Kyoto and Osaka.

The bon-odori may be danced for only three days. Men and children usually wear happi jackets, shorts and split-toed tabi socks. Especially, after World War Xwa, it developed rapidly as a symbol of reconstruction. Later, indigo traders played an active part and made the dance even more gorgeous year by year.


Awa Odori (Awa Dance)|ようこそ徳島県へ

In the Meiji period — the festival died down as the Tokushima’s indigo trade, which had financed the festival, collapsed due to imports of cheaper chemical dyes. The men wear traditional kimono outfits which allow for easier movement.

Some evidence of the festival’s history comes from edicts issued by the Tokushima-han feudal administration, such as this one dating from These reserved stage areas may range from yen to 2, yen depending on the location and time. There is also a 3D theatre where visitors can watch recordings of the dance and the parade at any time of year.

Unlike the celebration in Tokushima, the event in Shimokitazawa is much smaller and quieter.

Entry to the museum costs yen for adults and yen for students. The event is also free of charge and there is no reserved stage seating as well.

awa odori music

Musical instruments playing the role of the background music of the Awa Dance including ShamisenO-daiko big drumShime-daiko small high-pitched drumKane gongFue flute and Tuzumi hand drum. Some teams had more traditional costumes, and some were more avant garde, but all were equally committed to the dance.

Awa Dance Festival

It is known to be one of the ocori summer dance festivals in the world. The song that is sung during the Awa Dance. Please take a look at these unfamiliar terms. The Awa Odori is held in the 7th month of the ancient Japanese lunisolar calendar, at the same time as the Bon Dance. It is believed that this was the first official Awa Odori celebration held in Tokushima. Some of the larger ren dance groups also have a yakko odorior kite dance.


awa odori music

Usually, the cost will be around 36, yen but the travel time will only be a few hours. These seats are usually reserved for only one person for a minimum of two hours.

JAPAN Forward

These women are playing the shamisen, a kind of three-stringed lute. It is also important odoro note where exactly in the city the Awa Odori takes place. It involves a series of dances traditionally performed along the streets of Tokushima. This includes photos from the earlier years of the Awa Odori.