Materials shall be specified, qualified and inspected in accordance with Section 3. AS , Gas transmission and distribution systems is currently undergoing revision and will be published as a distribution pipeline standard, and has been deleted as a reference standard. When completing the comment form ensure that the number of this draft, your name and organization if applicable is recorded. A Plan for Isolation of a Pipeline. The contribution of operations and maintenance practices and procedures to the occurrence of or prevention of failure events may be considered in assigning the frequency of occurrence to each failure event at each location. The initial design shall include an initial assessment of risks to the community and the environment. A code of practice is a set of rules which details how people in a certain industry should behave.


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Level 5 4 Riverside Quay Southbank, Victoria For in-service pipelines, in addition to the foregoing, the information shall also include: The limits for each stress condition are tabulated and normative and informative appendices are provided incorporating the relevant sa2885.1. Please consult the responsible agency for more information and to ascertain the level of compliance if any that may be required.

Significant changes in this Revision include: It is also generally used as the basis to as28851 regulatory approvals for the project.

Protection against construction related defects shall be in ss2885.1 with Section The study should be consistent with the requirements of the relevant licensing authority. Where land use changes from a low consequence area to a high consequence area this Standard applies mandatory requirements for maintaining the risk at ALARP.


As 1 Pipeline – Free Download PDF

Because Standards committees operate electronically az2885.1 cannot guarantee that comments submitted in hard copy will be considered along with those submitted electronically. If you know of other persons or organizations that may wish to comment on this draft Standard, could you please advise them of its availability.

Further guidance on design for electrical hazards is provided in Appendix Q of this Standard. The section has been expanded to require the design basis for stations to be documented.

This document is a draft Australian Standard only and is liable to alteration in the light of comment received. Comments are invited on the technical content, wording and general arrangement of the draft.

The as288.51 of these deliberations form the basis of this revision. This section describes the detail and application of risk management process.

Calculation methods for critical defect as28885.1, energy release rate and radiation contour 7 The requirements for Fracture Control have been extensively revised to clarify the requirements and to reflect experience gained since A revision of the requirements for effective pipeline marking including a change to require the marker sign to comply with a Danger sign in accordance with AS The revision also reflects the results of a significant and as885.1 industry funded research program undertaken by the Australian Pipeline Industry Association and its research contractors, and through its association with the Pipeline Research Council International and the European Pipeline Research Group.


Each failure event shall be subjected to risk evaluation and risk control. Failure analysis determines the outcome from the identified threat. The analysis may conclude there is no immediate or delayed failure, in which case the threat is reduced to accepted risk. It will generally occur as a result of significant metal damage to the pipeline.


Guidance on resistance to penetration calculations is provided in Section 4. As a minimum, reviews shall be conducted at the following phases. Guidance on risk management study validation is provided in Appendix C.


The initial risk management study will deliver sufficient information to allow stakeholders involved in the regulatory approvals process to make informed decisions about the risks associated with the project The initial risk management study must as885.1 that detailed design will identify detailed threats and develop specific procedures for their mitigation.

Threats which apply to the entire pipeline are considered non-location-specific, and are often qualitatively different to location-specific threats eg.

As 2885 1 Pipeline

The preferred method for submission of comment is to download the MS Word comment form found at http: Requirements for Stress and Strain are completely re-written to clarify the requirements. Full evaluation of every outcome may not be necessary, but sufficient outcomes shall be evaluated to identify the outcome with the highest risk ranking. It would be appreciated if those submitting comment would follow the guidelines given on the inside front cover.

A thermal radiation level of As2885.1 basis for the control of all threats and acceptance of all risks shall be documented and approved. The initial design shall include an initial assessment of risks to the community and the environment.