The following are previous stations. The Crosby version of the record could not be found so Tennessee Ernie Ford’s record was played. AFN broadcast personnel from Europe deployed with the troops to cover events. Bates said most of his job on the documentary was done in an air-conditioned radio studio in peaceful northwest Florida. This article has multiple issues.

afvn radio

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In Novemberthe American Forces Network launched Internet radio streams expanding the reach of the military network’s radio programming overseas. Beyond radio, AFN Radik also does television news. Until the early s, U.

afvn radio

Operated by Media Broadcast Shut down, March 7, They are accessible to both military and foreign service personnel abroad. With the additional Department of Defense budget cuts looming, this project could easily be required to slip.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Location varied throughout the war. Web Hosting by Yahoo! Detachment Qui Nhon Sept.

afvn radio

Tears before the Rain: AM, Channel 13 TV. Positive Parenting The Voiceand other programs from a variety of sources.

AFVN: The GI’s Companion

The system provided wide geographic coverage with fewer relay points. Much of the rest of the world is limited to a smaller but more widespread naval broadcast. It had a five-man staff and used a modified tactical transmitter set up at Phu Tho near Saigon with a downtown studio in the Rex Hotel on Nguyen Hue Blvd.


The network employed a technical director, a program director, several military Racio broadcast professionals, and some French studio operators, record librarians, secretaries and maintenance technicians.

AFVN: The GI’s Companion

Part of what sets the show apart are the fascinating DJ patter, the jingles and the government-sponsored PSAs programmed with the serviceman in mind. Both had words that I did not understand and both had endings. Retrieved from ” https: It was the only other studio station affiliate of AFN Orleans because of the large American military presence and its resident Department of Defense dorm school for afvj of American military and civilian ravio assigned to Poitiers, and the American installations located throughout Southwestern France.

Over-the-air TV for U. The following day, AFRTS radio and television services in Iran were replaced by those operated by the state broadcaster National Iranian Radio and Television NIRTwhich were similar in content, appealing to the 60 US Army and civilian personnel then stationed in Iran, as well as the wider population of foreign nationals resident in the country.

Hot Straight and Normal 2 ed. This was accomplished by a system of microwave transmitters operated and afvh by the Army’s 5th Signal Command.

AFVN’s headquarters station was located in Saigon.

American Forces Network

First located on Dragon Mountain. There might be a discussion about this on the talk page. AFN-Kwajalein’s signal is beamed by ravio to the nearby island of Roi-Namur and rebroadcast on channel 8. In Septemberhe and Bates made an day research trip to Vietnam. They get high, man.


American Forces Network – Wikipedia

In particular, a whole team of reporters and technicians was sent to Le MansFranceto report the hour auto race, at a time when Ford was doing its best to beat the Ferraris, and finally succeeded. Profile The 13th of February is a big day for them; they hope American radio will get excited too.

These broadcasters reported to families of soldiers deployed from Europe and staffed a number of the U.

He holds a photo of the spot taken during the evacuation. Archived from the original on March 14, During the period between and the AFN also broadcast programs developed through afvh collaboration of the Department of State ‘s Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs and the CBS network while supporting America’s cultural diplomacy initiatives.

afvn radio